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Want to see how we are doing? Simply log in with the Repair Order # and password  issued to you at the time you dropped off your vehicle for repair.

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  1. Click link below
  2. Click “Customer” Link
  3. Enter Repair Order # and Password (first 3 letters of last name on Repair Order)
  4. Customers can send a message to your estimator by clicking on the “Send a Message” tab
  5. Customers can also view documents and pictures available by clicking “View Attachments” Link

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What Does My Repair Status Mean?

Description: 1.jpg
Step1 – Scheduled In: The customer has either dropped by a Tom & Ed’s Autobody facility or phoned in and spoken with any of the Tom & Ed’s Autobody Staff. Customer information is collected which includes: Name, Address, Phone Number, E-mail address and Claim Number. A rental vehicle, if needed, will then be arranged at this point. Once the arrival date of all the necessary parts is confirmed, an appointment date for dropping off the car for repairs will be provided.
Description: 2.jpg
Step 2 – Check In: The vehicle has been dropped off to Tom & Ed’s Autobody. It is either driven in by the customer or, if the vehicle is not drivable, it is towed in. If it is towed in, the register owner will be contacted at this point. The vehicle is stored in a secure area pending the next step.
Description: 3.jpg Step 3 -  Preliminary Inspection: Manager goes over vehicle with customer as well as any previous damage. After this is complete, your vehicle will enter production.
Description: 4.jpg
Step 4- Damage Analysis: Your vehicle is undergoing a complete disassembly on the damaged area to reveal any possible hidden damages. All necessary parts or components of the car that need to be accessed will also be removed. All the damaged parts or structural damages will be digitally photographed and sent to the proper party for approval. All removed items are stored securely in the car's designated parts cart. At this stage, the entire repair process will be blue printed to show the total extend of the repair.
Description: 5.jpg Step 5-Audit Authorization: Vehicle on hold for Insurance approval/Estimators approval for full estimate to be written. At this point no repairs are being performed on the vehicle. Some reasons for a vehicle being in this stage would be: pending insurance procedure, pending customer authorization, possible total lost, or back order parts. Once conditions are satisfied, the vehicle will be moved to the next stage and the repair work will continue.
Description: 6.jpg Step 6 - Dispatch/Order Parts:   Any additional parts are ordered while technician is assigned to repairs.
Description: 7.jpg Step 7 - Body: Repairs are completed by ICAR Gold Certified Technician. Body repair involves any outer body surface of the vehicle. It includes sheet metal repair, plastic repair, polyester surface treatment, trim repair, and glass repair. All surfaces are repaired to meet factory specifications. The repaired panels are treated for rust proofing. In the case that the panel is too damage to repair, a replacement panel will be used instead. All body surface repairs are backed by Tom & Ed’s Autobody’s lifetime warrantee.
Description: 8.jpg Step 8 – Paint: All repaired areas will be prepped and chemically washed down to remove all surface contaminates. The repaired areas are sanded and primered to create a proper surface adhesion for the paint. The vehicle is then masked and prepped for painting. Colors are mixed on an electronic scale based on the factory color code. It will then be sprayed out on a test card and compare with the actual vehicle to ensure color accuracy. All vehicles are sprayed with base coat/clear coat water born product. If the repaired area is very close to an adjacent panel, the panel will be blended. Blending means partial coloring of a panel to create a fade-in effect to the original color which will enhance the visual effect of an invisible repair. All paint jobs performed  are backed by Tom & Ed’s Autobody’s lifetime warrantee.
Description: 9.jpg Step 9 - Reassembly: All of the undamaged parts that were previously removed as well as any replacement parts will be reinstalled onto the vehicle. All installed components will be checked for functionality. The vehicle is now brought back to pre-accident condition.
Description: 10.jpg Step 10 - Sublet/Mechanical: The vehicle has either been sent out to a specialty shop or a specialist has been called in onsite to perform a repair. Sublet repairs are done when highly specialized repairs are needed. All the sublet vendors that Tom & Ed’s Autobody work with have the highest degree of qualifications in their specific field of repairs. Examples of such specialty repairs are: windshield replacement, interior vinyl and leather repair, convertible top replacement, original dealership-only electronic diagnosis, aluminum rim repair, mechanical.
Description: 11.jpg Step 11 - QC/File Audit: Your vehicle goes through a rigorous Quality Control inspection for repairs that have been done. This is to ensure that all accident related components of the vehicle are in proper working order.
Description: 12.jpg Step 12 - Detail: Your vehicle is detailed inside and out, giving you the feeling of leaving with a new vehicle!
Description: 13.jpg Step 13 - Vehicle Ready: Vehicle is now ready to be picked up as we will contact you to make arrangements. The repairs are now fully complete and inspected and awaits delivery
Description: 14.jpg Step 14 - Delivered:  Vehicle has left Tom & Ed’s Autobody. Another happy customer!

Very clean facility. Fast and courteous service! Thank you!
Amy Z

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