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Storage Yard Services

1-800-358-0122 Contact Us Today to Check on availability and pricing!

Refer a customer and receive 1 free month’s rent with pending year contract!

We accept the following methods of payment:

  • Cash
  • Credit Card
  • Checks
  • Money Orders

Outdoor Storage Features

  • Fenced in lot
  • No Long Term Contracts
  • Compacted Gravel Lot
  • Month-to-Month Agreement
  • Easy Pull-Through
  • Easy Access
  • Convenient Business Hours

Pay in full for one year and receive a discount!

8ft x 25ft                    $30/Month
10ft x 40ft                  $40/Month

Terms of Service

Eligibility and Priority

Spaces are assigned to with regard to eligibility in keeping with the following priority list.
1. First come first serve lot spaces
2. Up to date on payments & on time
3. Must show proof of ownership of vehicle on file
4. Must have proof of insurance on file
5. May not be hazardous to space or other vehicles

Lot Location

At the time a customer signs up for a space and pays storage fees, the customer will receive a map detailing the location and basic layout of the RV storage area. If a map isn't issued, see our services representative at Tom & Ed’s Autobody for a copy. “Storage Identification Card” must be displayed in visible sight on the vehicle at all times while in storage.

Gaining Entry

The storage lot is located at 1222 Commercial Drive, Schererville, IN, behind Tom & Ed’s Autobody. To access your storage space, contact or arrive at Tom & Ed’s Autobody and someone will open the locked gated facility.

Hours of Operation:
Mon-Fri                  8am – 5pm
Saturday                9am – 12pm        
Sunday                  Closed


Boats and canoes on trailers, motorized campers, camping trailers, tent trailers, camper shells, recreational vehicles (off road motorcycles, snowmobiles, wave runners, and four wheelers) on trailers, are eligible storage items. Operational POVs are also eligible for storage, pending ownership.
All items must be presentable and free from clutter. No accessory items may be stored near or under storage vehicle unless approved by Storage Facility. Final determination of presentable appearance and accessory items storage is at the discretion of the Storage Facility staff.
Only minor maintenance (flat tire repair or cleaning) is allowed at the RV storage lot.


When a customer requires a specific space, such as 25 feet or less and it is not available, an available spot, usually larger, is offered. The customer can accept the larger space and pay the small space fee and also is placed on a waiting list for the requested space. Once that space is available, customers must take the small space or pay the large space fee. 


Tom & Ed’s Autobody assumes zero liability for ANY vehicles stored in facility. Owner of vehicle assumes ALL responsibility for vehicle. If the vehicle is not within the guidelines of the leased spot, the vehicle will be moved at an additional fee of $30, which assumes no liability during vehicle adjustment. Customer agrees to pay any attorney’s fee’s, and court costs in the event legal action is necessary to enforce these terms.

Early Termination

Customer must give one full month’s notice in writing for spot lease termination. There are no prorated charges for early termination. The customer is charged until all outstanding fees have been paid.
Tom & Ed’s Autobody reserved the right to terminate contract for any reason.

Payment Information

Payments are due on the first of each month. Payments can be made in advance for just about any length of time. It is encouraged that fees are paid in six month or yearly increments after initial payment.
When a space is vacated, the rental fee is prorated and a refund is given for the unused time paid, minus any due charges for late payments.

Payments may be made in person at Tom & Eds Autobody @ 1225 Birch Drive, Schererville  IN by cash or check. Mail Check or Money Order or charge Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover by phone at 1-800-358-0122.

If a customer is more than 60 days delinquent, the customer’s property may be subject to a Lien and may become property of Tom & Ed’s Autobody. Email, phone calls and memorandums are issued to notify delinquent customers.  

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